Test - Week 3

29/02/2016 21:00

This week the last tests started for the Formula World Championship and the Formula Grand Prix.


The world fastest Formula series started the last week in Spain, Estrada. All teams made their way to the north of Spain. Alexander Grundi and Marlboro Ferrari made 25 laps and also set the fastest lap with a 26.08. Reigning world champions AMG Motorsports - Mercedes tested the new front wing. World champion Billy Zotta made a break, his teammate Weißlein set the 4th time. Biggest suprise on this day were Silvio Lopez and Honda Racing with the second fastest time, only 0.08 slower then Grundi.


After the teams and drivers came back from Asia, they started their last test on the Sweden International Circuit in Stockholm. Again LuckyWin Racing made a fantastic performance, with Santos set the fastest lap (22.72) and Beowulf finished 6th, 0.28 seconds of the pace. Zegarek Power and Planetgenerally.de. Destiny Racing again suprised with an other driver. The polish Nowak made his first laps in a FGP-car. "It was a great feeling!",he told us. But who's gonna be the partner of Alexandrow? D71 Condor Alpha again stayed in Santiago, Chile. If you wait to see them on the track, the fans need to wait until March 20.