FGP Prediction - Part 1

12/03/2016 17:44

On Monday the Formula Grand Prix start the season in Melbourne, Australia. We look at the teams, drivers and try to predict, who will be the favorite for the championship and which one will struggle for some points.

Team SpeedForm - Prediction: 10th

After last year's dominant drive by Maclape result in a championship win for Team SpeedForm. This year the spanish team need to handle without Maclape. Former Rookie Grand Prix drivers Wall and Adrian did finished 9th and 11th in last years RGP, suprisely get the cockpit. But Damnells and Diegasok looking for cockpits, sponsors will help them. We have to wait for the official start to see, which drivers will compete for Team SpeedForm.

Planetgenerally.de Team - Prediction: 4th

"Ritter is a champion in the making. All he need is a good car!" But a future champion need to win a race first, something Ritter miss in his career standings. Rookie Saddington won the Asian Rookie GP 2, skipped the Rookie GP and get his cockpit in one of the most successful teams in Formula Grand Prix history.

Zegarek Power - Prediction: 2nd

Former world champion Zegarek will be the favorite for the championship. 2014 champion, runner-up in 2011 and 2015. The most successful driver in the FGP history. "But I want to be the first one to win two championships.", he told us. RobertRacer need to find his form from 2014...and he found it. After a bad debut season for Zegarek Power, RobertRacer made some a fantastic job in the winter testings, was faster then teammate Zegarek.

Marcinho Motorsports - Prediction: 7th

Shuher and Tama made a fantastic job last year, Shuher was the only one "not-maclape"-winner in Melbourne. This time MM-chief Marcinho start again after an one-time-race in 2011, his new partner will be the german Nordicstar, who made a good debut-saison. But Nordicstar need to deal with a new car and Marcinho is a driver, nobody can really estimate.

Destiny Racing - Prediction: 5th

No Kuba, no Lindstroem. Hard times for Destiny Racing. But with Rookie Grand Prix winner Alexandrow the polish team secure the biggest talent in GeneRally history. The russian surely will start for the green team. According to rumors the young polish driver Nowak will be his partner. Just like Adrian and Wall, Nowak did not convince in Rookie GP last year with an 8th place.

HSC Grand Prix - Prediction: 1st

The biggest disappointment last year, surely HSC GP. "Future GP-winner" Vincent Carter and Jobi had big problems with last years car, but this time they know it will be better. "We tested so many things and I can say we're much faster then you can see in testing-results!",Jobi told us. His brother Zegarek said:"In my opinion HSC GP is the team to beat. I saw JoBi testing the car on the KaisenRing. The times are incredible!"