Pole for Grundi, Disappointment at Walker GP

18/03/2016 12:51

The first qualification of the season is finished and finally the fans can see the real power the teams have. No doubt that reigning world champions AMG Motorsports dominated Q1 with Zotta and Weißlein on P1 and P2. First driver who did not qualify for Q2 was Irving, his partner Esteban Jimenez finished in 10. Walker GP, Renault Racing and Marlboro Ferrari finished there job and qualify for Q2. Shell Ferrari made a terrifying performance with Larsson on P22 and Laudretti with no time starting from the last position. In Q2 the drivers already need to pick their strategy for the race...also Q2 is a one-shot qualification. Renault Racing Team with Cavala and Heikkenen chosed a car with much fuel with Cavala starting from P6 and Heikkenen from P10, setting no time in Q2. Walker Grand Prix chosed the same strategy, Krapitz start from P7 and Milan Bauer from P9. Pole Position goes to Alexander Grundi and Marlboro Ferrari with an 18.88. Zotta finished 2nd, Weisslein 5th and Teixeira 8th. Biggest suprise were Marcos Lopez and Esteban Jimenez, which start the race from P3 and P4.