New layout for Derryring?

03/03/2016 14:59

The GRRA received a message from Mexico, where the Derryring in Mexico City could change. "Our plans involve more of the oval and include one fast chicane." The Derryring, original designed by the Aeon Company, is the new project of the Z.G.R. company. "We, Z.G.R., had contact with Aeon and we have the permission to re-design the track."

The drivers now drive the track anti-clockwise. The layout won't change until Turn 8. But then the Z.G.R. want to include a chicane (Turn 9 & 10), which finishes on the oval-track. "We want to use 50-60% of the oval. So the track will have one technical part and one high-speed part."

"This project will take us about 1 or 2 months before someone can race on it."