Carter wins and other suprises

20/03/2016 17:00

18 drivers made their way to Melbourne, Australia. With five lights out, Ritter, Maclape, Santos and Zegarek made a fantastic start and raced for the first position. Diegasok already retired in Lap 1, after missing his breaking point and touched the wall. In Lap 6 Santos touched the inside wall in Turn 6 and was forced to make an extra pitstop. In Lap 8 the leader Zegarek crashed the same wall and had to make an extra pitstop, too.

Slowly but steady the rookie Alexandrow closed the gap to the front. Still Ritter and Maclape were the men to beat in this race. But after everyone made their planned pit-stops, Vincent Carter took the lead with an one-pitter and won his first ever race. Ritter finished 2nd in front of Alexandrow. Maclape 4th, Santos 5th, Zegarek 6th. The second Carter, Jimmie, finished 7th for USGP, Beowulf finished 8th. New Lambda driver Skyrpon finished 9th and Jobi secured the last point with the 10th place. Saddington raced the fastest lap, but finished 12th.

Next race: April 3rd, 2016 in Indonesia, Myangpur International Circuit.